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Various modern and occasionally word-for-word translations of some Old Norse texts. I will also post some declensions and vocabulary as I have need to memorize it. I'm a former student of Old Norse at UCLA, who studied Anthropology and minored in Scandinavian Studies. Please submit any posts below! And please ask me to explain anything and feel free to correct me!

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Relevant because Odinn, so if you have the chance, please sign it because of various reasons like poisoning animals is wrong (and cowardly idk maybe) and ravens are important for a lot of reasons. and basically the 11 other things killing off the bird should be dealt with before poisoning things


Ye Olde Debunking

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In case you’re wondering what I’ve been doing the last few days, I’ve been re-learning XML and turning that leaf (76r) from AM 133 fol into the facsimile, diplomatic, and normalized versions above.

Facsimile is how it appears on the MS, diplomatic is with expanded abbreviations, and normalized is in Íslenzk fornrít standard Old Icelandic.


The Universities of Odense, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Kiel have held an annual Viking Symposium since 1982 and have now made three volumes of topics from the symposiums available to view online for free, with more to possibly follow. Some of the chapters are in English and others in Danish.

Many thanks to weirdnessdk for sending me the links and I hope I can pay her kindness forwards by sharing them with you.

Til års og fred

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

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Sometimes I think I’m bad at naming but then I remember that the first local assembly in Iceland was called the ‘Althing’ or ‘the thing”


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I think you need to meet my bro jimtheviking. I think you two would get along *really* well. He’s currently doing his masters in like ancient nordic and vikingology or something. IN ICELAND.

Okay, breaking tumblr hiatus again to correct this:

Alþingí is actually ‘all-assembly.’ From Cleasby-Vigfusson (emphasis mine):

ÞING, n. [no Goth. þigg is recorded; A.S. and Hel. þing; Engl. thing; O.H.G., Germ., and Dutch ding; Dan.-Swed. ting]

A.A thing, Lat. res. In the Icel. this sense of the word is almost unknown, although in full use in mod. Dan.-Swed. ting, where it may come from a later Germ. influence.


B. As a law phrase [see Þingvöllr]: I.an assembly, meeting, a general term for any public meeting, esp. for purposes of legislation, a parliament, including courts of law; in this sense þing is a standard word throughout all Scandinavian countries

So, in reality, it means ‘all-meeting,’ rather than ‘everything.’

khun-panya: I humbly invite you to visit my blog post about "Deciphering the Runes Book in Disney’s Frozen" you might be interested in. See the link on my latest tumblelog post.
fantomdranzerx: Hello! I just have a question related to Disney's "Frozen." I run an rp blog related to the movie (this is my personal, though), and out of curiosity, I was wondering how you would say "North Mountain" in Old Norse, since the film itself has a few references to Norse and Runes. Thanks for reading my question! :)

Hello! Yes, there is also a song on the soundtrack called “North Mountain.” 

fjall is a neuter noun, and singular in this case, so as subject and object it would be fjall. Here’s a thing:

fjall norð
fjall norð
fjalls norðs
fjalli norðu

and with “the” attached, it would be:

Fjallit Norða

There are some poetic ways to describe the North Mountain, as well, but that’s a little more complicated.

PS The song Heimr Árandalr is not a good reference for Icelandic or Old Norse at all other than literal words. I can answer more questions about this later.

Anonymous: Concerning krýnd in Frozen: Although Zoëga mentions only the wk. vb. krúna 'to crown', there is also a wk. vb. krýna; you’ll find it in Cleasby & Vigfusson. Krýnd is its past part. Té is 1st sing. pres. indic. of tjá 'to show, exhibit'; ek té fram fyrir yðr 'I show forth before you'.

TEASER: After almost a year of sitting on my scans of Iceland, I think the time has come to publish them.
Stay tuned for the rest!